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The Fascinating Melody

I cannot escape the fascination I feel when my attention is captured by a simple yet beautiful, lyrical melody; the simplest it is, more often I find, the greater the effect and intensity of the fascination. I am instantly ensnared! Immensely fascinated! Profoundly mesmerised! Penetratingly hypnotised! Colours and images emerge … Continue reading


If a piano piece is performed on a different piano, by a different pianist, is it a different piece? If a live electronics piece is performed on a different software, with different audio processing plug-ins, is it a different piece?   If a piece is being composed in the forest … Continue reading


Trail, for solo piano You can find the sheet music of this piece on Scribd

Just Make Music Dammit

“But how many times do we need to hear a solo instrumentalist explore “extended” techniques to the accompaniment of the same timbres processed through novel software?” ~Jon Appleton I was reading electro-acoustic composer Jon Appleton’s paper ‘Is Simplicity the New Complexity?’ and the above question he poses inspired me to … Continue reading


for small ensemble and tape iLand is not programmatic per se, it is rather descriptive. The name derives from a word game. It sounds like island, which is the main theme of the work, the island of Corfu, where I lived for 6 years studying music composition. But it is … Continue reading

Portfolio of works

Pan's Cradle

For Solo Clarinet.

Where Once Poe Walked

For Soprano, Tape and Live Electronics. Poetry by H.P.Lovecraft.